Reasons for unhygienic floors & The Solutions

Reasons for unhygienic floors & The Solution for It

The floor surface takes all the dirt from shoes and foots. Besides, the floors must tolerate accidental mess. Therefore, there are so many reasons for unhygienic floors. Sound horrible, right? Yes, it does sound horrifying. Fortunately, this problem has a perfect solution. The epoxy floor quality can fight with this situation. So, some common reasons and their solutions are below.

reasons for unhygienic floors


We cannot see bacteria. Because if we could see these, we wouldn’t be able to touch any floors anymore. Yes, floors contain thousands of bacteria on the surface. Some floors claim to be anti-bacterial, but is it the truth? General floors cannot be anti-bacterial. Unless you are using chemicals on it.  However, some floor installation process uses anti-bacterial properties in the materials. In that case, the epoxy floor installation process does that too. In the epoxy material, there are anti-bacterial elements. Thus, epoxy floor quality can claim not to have bacteria on the surface.

Grease & Oils

One reasons for unhygienic floors are grease and oil rolling on the surface. Especially in the garage areas, the floor tolerates grease and oil, and also, sometimes you may find paint on the floor. Also, these all are very unhygienic for the floor.

However, your floor can be hygienic with epoxy floor quality. Because the epoxy coat is strong. Besides, the surface does not hold grease and oil on the floor. Also, you don’t need to waste time and money on cleaning that grease out. The epoxy surface is smooth. Therefore, the dirt does not stay on it. With little maintenance, the floor can come back to a hygienic version.


Epoxy floor quality serves continuous surface. Therefore, no insects can hide. The floor is plain and continuous. Also, it requires less effort to clean the surface. Besides, simple wiping on the floor can give it a hygienic feeling. In fact, if food or sugar is lying on the floor, you would not need to worry. With continuous epoxy flooring, insects don’t have space to come and go. So, the floor remains safe and hygienic. Now you can see insects are the reasons for unhygienic floors. In fact, tiles have joint areas. The collaborative areas are so thin that we cannot clean them every day. SO, you may need one continuous floor to avoid unhygienic insects.

Foot Traffic

Lots of foot traffic can cause mess all around the floors. Also, the foot brings dirt and germ with it. SO, this is very unhygienic. But epoxy floor quality can save you. If the floor has a continuous surface, dirt cannot get stuck. Because there is no space for that. However, if the foundation cannot hold germs, the surface can call hygienic. Therefore, heavy foot traffic is one of the reasons for unhygienic floors.

Harsh Materials

The epoxy floor is getting used laboratories and clients. So, the floor faces harsh elements on it. For example, acids, alcohol, alkali, etc., the harsh elements that can get used. SO, there is a positive chance of dropping these on the surface. Thus, it becomes the reasons for unhygienic floors. Fortunately, epoxy floor quality can save from this unhygienic issue. Because epoxy floors are resistant to the chemical. Hence, chemicals cannot damage the floor. In fact, the surface will remain hygienic too.

The reasons for unhygienic floors are too many. But if you consider epoxy floor installation, you are safe. Epoxy floor quality ensures to keep the floor hygienic.  

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